Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

Sprüche übers Essen - Food Idioms Teil 2

Big Cheese
Wichtige Person, Anführer
Zum Beispiel: he is a big cheese in his company so you should be very nice to him

In a Nutshell
kurz, in ein paar Worten
Zum Beispiel: We went to the meeting and they told us in a nutshell what would be happening to everyone next year

Sell like Hotcakes
etwas schnell verkaufen
Zum Beispiel: The new CD has only been released for about a week but already it is selling like hotcakes

Couch Potato
eine sehr faule Person
Zum Beispiel: He is a real couch potato and just sits around watching TV and staying indoors all day

Cream of the Crop
das Beste aus einer Auswahl
Zum Beispiel: The company is well-known as a good place to work and is always able to hire the cream of the crop of university graduates

Cup of Tea
etwas, was man gerne tut oder besonders geniesst
Zum Beispiel: Going to art galleries is not my cup of tea so I think that I will stay home this evening and not go with you.

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